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Book Coaching

awriterstales seeks to help you write your best book through constructive and genuine feedback while making sure you do not give up on your dream and stick to your goals. Together, we will lay down the foundation and set you up for success, one word at a time.

writing a book is hard work..


Have you ever felt alone?

They say writing is a lonely pursuit.. but it doesn’t have to be.
A book coach will support and guide you to ensure your growth as a writer.

Have you ever felt frustrated?

Writing a book is a huge intellectual and emotional undertaking. Don’t give up – you got this.
A book coach will help you tackle your emotions and use them to your advantage.

Have you ever felt creatively stuck?

Experiencing writer’s block is normal – don’t be too hard on yourself.
A book coach will help you overcome whatever is stopping you, so you can keep writing freely. 

Have you ever felt like it wasn't good enough?

The fear of writing an entire book and nobody liking it is real – I get it.
A book coach will give you personalized feedback so you know what works and what doesn’t – no more pressure.

Have you ever felt like something was wrong?

That inkling feeling that something is off, but you just don’t know what – urgh.
A book coach will help you analyse important factors such as plot, story and character arc.

Have you ever felt overwhelmed?

Keeping track of every line in your book while planning your next steps can be messy and confusing.
A book coach will help you keep track of every little detail so the book comes together as a whole.

but at least you don’t have to do it alone

Just imagine..

Receiving personalized feedback on every chapter

Following a clear and simple outline

Having someone to brainstorm and problem solve with

Having your own cheerleader to support you

Feeling confident and happy with your writing

Book Coaching is unlocking a person’s potential to

maximize their own performance.

It is helping them to learn rather than teaching them.

– Timothy Gallwey


easy reading is damn hard writing



Every week we will tackle an important aspect of building a solid foundation for your book.

Ensuring a well founded outline will save you hours of time and frustration.

It will act as a compass, constantly pointing you in the right direction and keeping you on track.

Once we have your foundation set, you will be able to envision your book on the shelves and confidently proceed to writing your first draft.

I will guide you through every step making sure we stay true to your vision, goals and deadlines.

This is for you..

If you have started writing your first draft, but you feel like something is missing or not working, but you are just not sure exactly what is wrong.

If you have been dreaming of writing your first book, but have no idea of where to start or what to do.

If you want to get personalized and specific feedback that helps you learn and grow as a writer.

If you are battling self-doubt and lack of confidence.

If you are a plotter or a pantser - this outline will work for both.

If you want to set yourself and your book up for success from the get-go

If you are open to learning and adjusting to the feedback given.

If you are dedicated and motivated to do the work it takes to write a book

Who am I?

 My name is Andrea Fausbøll and I am a 26 year old writer living in Copenhagen, Denmark. I have a bachelor in Event Management and a Master in International Business.

Having been coached myself in various stages of my life I understand and truly believe in the power of coaching. The notion of having someone who genuinely supports you and the opportunity to discuss your work with someone who just gets you is underrated.

Furthermore, the personal and professional growth derived from receiving constructive feedback on the work you produce is priceless.

Writing, as with everything in life, is a lifelong journey of learning and I would be honored to be part of yours!

For as long as I can remember I have written short novels and read books galore. I come from a family of writers and have drawn inspiration and valuable learnings whenever possible.

I am currently completing a certification in book coaching, so that I can be held to the highest professional standards and code of conduct within this field.

I am excited to help you strengthen your story-telling skills and refine your manuscript – together we will make your story happen. 


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