Get to know me

Hej! My name is Andrea and I am a 28 year old writing-enthusiast living in Denmark.

I started awriterstales to create a safe space for writers to learn and develop their storytelling skills – but most importantly, to help writers achieve their writing dreams – no matter how big or how small.

Through dedicated study and a passion for the science of storytelling, I’ve worked to enhance my skills as a Book Coach. In my pursuit of continuous improvement, I enrolled in Author Accelerator’s esteemed book coaching academy, where I had the opportunity to learn from seasoned professionals and gain invaluable insights. This experience has allowed me to hold my coaching to higher standards within the book coaching industry, and I am excited to use my knowledge to support and guide aspiring authors on their writing journeys.

One word at a time.



I am half icelandic, half danish, but..

I grew up in Belgium, did high school in Denmark, studied my bachelor in Germany and my master in Scotland.

I have a twin brother..

who studied law and loves coffee. I studied event management and I love tea.
Talk about different personalities!

Who do I coach?

I work with writers of fantasy, romance, paranormal, contemporary and historical fiction.

(or a mix of the above)

I do not coach non-fiction, horror, thriller or erotica.

The best part of working with Andrea was that she had great respect for the story, the plot and the idea that I wanted to create. She did not try to alter the outcome. However, with respect for the story she challenged me on why and how the story could be told and she was not afraid to ask me hard questions.

Mai - Saga Outline program

Andrea is a reliable and compassionate book coach. She has been supportive of me and my story from the very start and truly cares about helping me to make my book the best it can be. She consistently checks in with me and offers an accountability that allows me to make continuous progress. She has provided constant and steadfast support. With her guidance and advice, I have felt so much more confident and assured in working on my book. Andrea’s support has been priceless.

Chloe - manuscript evaluation

Why coaching?



Increased self - awareness

Coaching helps you develop your introspection / your ability to look inwards and examine your thoughts and emotions. This is important, as it allows you to counter negative-thought patterns that curb your writing and deal with them effectively.

Heightened self - efficacy

Coaching will increase your belief in your own capacity and skills to succeed in whatever writing goal you are trying to achieve. In other words, coaching will help you trust and believe in yourself – we raise you up, so you can stand on mountains (hi, Josh Groban)

Builds your writing skills

Coaching helps you see your strengths and weaknesses – and how to use them to your advantage.
Working with a book coach will grow your writing and story-telling skills through constructive, genuine and honest feedback.

Keeps you focused

Coaching will help you stay on track to get those milestones. We are your accountability partner.