This is for writers, that have completed their first draft and are looking for an expert story analysis to help them strengthen their manuscript and guide them in how to move forward with revisions.

you have a first draft, but..


You have no idea what to do next..

A manuscript evaluation will show you exactly where you need to improve your manuscript and give you concrete steps to move forward with revisions.

You feel insecure about whether it's any good..

A manuscript evaluation will not only highlight the elements that are not working, but also the elements that are working – giving you a confidence boost.

You received notes from beta readers..

But you dont know what to do with them. They might not be specific and they don’t tell you how to fix your story.
A manuscript evaluation will give you specific examples of what needs fixing and how to fix them, all the while giving you writing tips to increase your story telling skills.

You're feeling stuck and frustrated..

A manuscript evaluation includes a 1-hour coaching call discussing your manuscript, next steps or any concerns you might have about stepping into revisions.

let me help you slay your dragons (with compassion)

Just imagine..

Receiving personalized feedback on your manuscript.

Having a clear and comprehensive outline for revisions.

Understanding what works and what doesn't in your manuscript.

Feeling confident and happy with your writing

write furiously, edit carefully


This is a full developmental edit of your manuscript with a deep dive analysis of key elements, such as plot, character arcs, narrative drive, structure and theme.

I will also analyse the first two chapters of your manuscript to give you in-line feedback about what’s working and what needs improvement.

what you get

A full manuscript evaluation (developmental edit) to help you see what is working and what needs improvement.

In-line comments and analysis of your first two chapters to give you concrete examples of what you are doing well and what needs improvement.

Two personalized, detailed editorial reports summarizing my findings and recommendations for next steps.

One report will focus on the two-chapter analysis, the other will focus on the full manuscript evaluation.

1-hour coaching call post-edit to discuss your manuscript, potential questions and next steps.

Unlimited e-mail support 4 weeks after post-edit to ensure that you do not get stuck.

Your investment

699€ / 4999 dkk –

the Saga Fix

(turnaround depends on availability.

Normally within 4 weeks.)

270€ / 1999 dkk –

the (mini) Saga Fix

This is for you, if you would like to start with a two-chapter developmental edit. This includes in-line comments in your manuscript, one editorial letter and a 30-min coaching call.

Andrea read and reviewed my manuscript, offering invaluable feedback that set me off on a clear path to improving my story. She highlighted the strengths and weaknesses of my manuscript in a concise and simple way which made it easy to sort through what my next steps were.

I had a coaching call with Andrea to talk through her feedback and it was an illuminating conversation that helped me delve into areas where my story could be improved and enhanced. Andrea listened to all of my ideas and showed a wonderful enthusiasm in my story which has helped encourage and energize me to write.

She provided materials and exercises that helped to boost my imagination and explore new directions for my plot and characters. The guidance has been instrumental in elevating my story to the next level.

Andrea is a reliable and compassionate book coach. She has been supportive of me and my story from the very start and truly cares about helping me to make my book the best it can be. She consistently checks in with me and offers an accountability that allows me to make continuous progress. She has provided constant and steadfast support. With her guidance and advice, I have felt so much more confident and assured in working on my book. Andrea’s support has been priceless.



Who am I?

Hello there!

My name is Andrea Fausbøll, and I am a passionate 28-year-old writer residing in the charming city of Copenhagen, Denmark. With a background in Event Management from my Bachelor’s degree and a Master’s in International Business, I bring a unique blend of creativity and business acumen to my writing endeavors.

Throughout my life, I’ve had the privilege of being coached, and I have come to firmly believe in the transformative power of coaching. Having a dedicated supporter who truly understands and connects with your vision is an invaluable asset on any creative journey.

As a writer myself, I know firsthand that personal and professional growth flourish when we receive constructive feedback on our work. This feedback can be truly priceless in honing our skills and taking our writing to new heights.

My love for storytelling has been ingrained in me since childhood, and my family of writers has been an endless source of inspiration and learning. I’ve dedicated myself to mastering the art of storytelling, and in doing so, I’ve become a skilled Book Coach.

Through dedicated study and a passion for the science of storytelling, I’ve worked to enhance my skills as a Book Coach. In my pursuit of continuous improvement, I enrolled in Author Accelerator’s esteemed book coaching academy, where I had the opportunity to learn from seasoned professionals and gain invaluable insights. This experience has allowed me to hold my coaching to higher standards within the book coaching industry, and I am excited to use my knowledge to support and guide aspiring authors on their writing journeys.

I’m thrilled to share my knowledge and expertise to support and guide aspiring authors on their writing journeys.

Together, we’ll strengthen your storytelling skills and refine your manuscript, making your story come alive in ways you never imagined.

Writing is indeed a lifelong journey of learning, and I would be honored to be a part of yours.

I am excited to help you strengthen your story-telling skills and refine your manuscript – together we will make your story come true.


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